AMPP Productions

Peru Peru. School children.


Goals for 2018

  1. Raise operational funding for 2017/18
  2. Complete three to five mission video/multimedia projects per year
  3. Establish cooperative partnerships with specific mission organizations
  4. Complete a five and ten year vision plan
  5. Continue to promote the mission of AMPP through missions seminars and conferences


God's Purposes Through AMPP

Our purpose has always been to tell the story of God's work in mission. It was in the spring of 2007 that A Mission Proclaimed Productions (AMPP) came to be. We saw a need in promoting those stories that we felt would bless and engage the body of Christ.

During my time working as the Director of Video Services at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California I was blessed with the opportunity to go out to visit the missionaries supported by Shadow Mountain. Through this experience my heart was captured by the men and women of God serving as missionaries and by the people these Godly people touched.

However, I soon came to the realization that the stories I was capturing were universal stories of God's work and not restricted to one ministry or mission organization. These stories pertained to a much larger vision; with what should the people of God be occupying themselves?

I left my position at Shadow Mountain and immediately gathered a group of like-mined Christians together and shared my vision, and A Mission Proclaimed Productions was born.

As we build this organization, we look to other like-minded, missions aware Christians to come along side and help with this vision. The help we look for most urgently is prayer. That above all is our need during these initial years of building AMPP. If you can commit AMPP to prayer, we will most assuredly be blessed.

In His service,
Anthony Amorteguy
AMPP President


Our Mission Statement

You can find the AMPP mission statement on our About page.