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Boy at school in Buff Bay, Jamaica.

Boy at school in Buff Bay, Jamaica.

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Youth missions with Yugo.

Andean church leadership.

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A Mission Proclaimed

Many remain in darkness unseen therefore nameless with needs unmet. We strive to be the eyes for those who would then proclaim it their mission to lift these up in prayer with eyes open and alleviate the suffering; not of the entire world, but of a single soul whose name they have learned.


Proclaim Your Mission!

Through the images on our site we strive to inspire others to proclaim their mission, a direct involvement in God's work.

We would love to hear your story, please share your story with us.

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This marks the final year of this site design. We will be updating this site (finally) to a new design better suited to new social media use. It's been a long time coming.

It is hard to believe we have been at this for 13 years now. Time for a new look.